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Insurance telephone lead trading, call centre and outbound contact solutions.
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01About Us

“We'll help you earn more. We believe in hard work and building lasting relationships.”

The Contact Solutions Promise


Our business is based upon generating profitable online and offline new customer connections for our business partners using innovative technology.


We are very proud of what we do and the successful long-term partnerships that we like to build with our trading partners.

In a nutshell

Contact Solutions is a telephone lead trading business providing direct insurers and brokers with an exchange to buy and sell car, bike, home and commercial insurance telephone leads. We can also provide contact centre support to help deliver service protection and operational efficiency for other brands.


We have an established team of skilled agents supported by a management team with extensive insurance industry experience.

02What We Do

Let's Talk Leads.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, as the UK’s largest telephone insurance lead provider we’re the ones to shout out to.

We make the phone ring for companies who want to acquire real-time, accurately profiled, insurance leads and also provide companies with the facility to monetise their unfulfilled and unconverted enquiries.

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Selling Leads.

Our trading partners generate strong ancillary earnings from selling the telephone enquiries which they cannot fulfil to Contact Solutions, whilst helping the shopper find alternative and appropriate providers.

  • We help shoppers find alternative quotes where they consider the initial quote is not competitive, or perhaps the risk profile is one that your brand has chosen not to quote on, or is declined
  • The service can equally be offered to any affinity partner or introducer arrangement
  • We only work with well-known and respected insurance brands, across a range of different product groups
  • Partners on our panel who buy such leads have a wide underwriting footprint, with many specialising in difficult to place risks

A FreshApproach.

Buying Leads.

Contact Solutions supply profiled leads to insurers and brokers for car, van, bike, home and commercial enquiries. Leads can be filtered using insurance product and pricing parameters as well as a range of geographic and underwriting risk factors. We use our highly scripted risk profiling tool to match a caller’s insurance requirements to our panel of specialist insurance providers.

  • Access to active, highly profiled hot key telephone enquiries
  • Offline sourced ‘warm’
    telephone leads
  • Reduced acquisition cost
  • Improved efficiency – sales agents don’t spend time dealing with unsuitable enquiries
  • Flexible call volume and ability to dynamically and quickly change risk profiles

We've Got It Covered.


  • Standard Private Car
  • Modified or Imported Car
  • Classic Car
  • Impounded Vehicles
  • Short Term Cover
  • Young Drivers
  • Claim or Conviction History
  • Low NCD


  • Standard Bikes
  • Performance Bikes
  • Mopeds & Scooters
  • Multibike
  • Modified & Custom Bikes
  • Classic Bikes
  • Laid Up Bikes
  • Off Road & Trial Bikes
  • Trikes & Quad Bikes


  • Standard Buildings & Contents
  • Non-Standard Construction
  • Flat Roofs
  • Flood or Subsidence History
  • Landlords or Let Property
  • Holiday Homes
  • High Value Homes
  • Unoccupied or Renovations


  • Van
  • Commercial or SDP Use
  • HGV
  • Courier
  • Motortrade
  • Fleet
  • Business Premises
  • Liability Insurance
  • Indemnity Insurance

How It Works.

The Shopper first contacts Brand A for an insurance quote.

Brand A

Is unable to sell, or provide a quote - the shopper is offered a transfer to Contact Solutions to continue their search for suitable cover.

Brand A is paid for supplying the lead.


Shopper’s insurance requirements and risk profile are matched across Contact Solutions intermediary panel.

Brand B

Receives from Contact Solutions, a highly profiled and qualified telephone insurance lead. Shopper receives an alternative quote.

Brand B pays for call recieved.


Brand A is paid for supplying the lead.


Brand B pays for call recieved.

Contact Centre Solutions.

When you need experience and flexibility to help manage and service your existing customers, we can provide efficient and cost-effective complimentary solutions to support your existing operations.

Contact Solutions has developed substantial knowledge and expertise over a number of years in making successful outbound calls and servicing customer enquiries for other brands, helping shoppers find the right policy for their insurance requirements.

By working with Contact Solutions on your contact strategies, we can help you develop and deliver complementary services to new and existing customers; one where your customer has a strong and positive brand experience and receives the right service and support.

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Good Jobs,Good People.

You'll make inbound and outbound telephone calls. But there's no cold calling. You won't have to work silly shifts and if you're confident and enjoy talking on the phone, then come and speak to us.

You'll find people at Contact Solutions work hard, have fun, are respected and really grow. Be the best you can be and join the Contact Solutions family.

Starting salary £18,000 pa

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Our strength is in our people and the senior team's background encompasses a wide range of business and operational skills and lots of experience in what we do.

Craig Knott Chief Executive Officer

Craig has worked within the insurance industry for over 20 years, working his way from the bottom up to the most senior of roles. He studied with Liverpool University to gain his Master’s degree as a mature student and now works as CEO of Contact Solutions. He has responsibility for managing the overall strategy and growth of the company, specialising in the Operations and Technology areas of the business to drive the company forward.

His most famous quote is “there are 25 hours in a day and 8 days in a week”, meaning there is always time to get it done!

Andrew WardCommercial Director

Andrew is responsible for partner relationships and all marketing and commercial activities of the business. As Commercial Director of Contact Solutions, he is also involved in managing and delivering the strategy and growth plans for Contact Solutions and broader management of the business. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in senior sales and business development roles in the financial services sector. He enjoys spending long walks with his chocolate lab and taking time out in Cornwall.

Michelle Trivett Operations Director

Michelle is a member of the Exec team responsible for all aspects of the call centre operations including resource management, strategy planning and driving performance. With over 15 years of insurance industry call centre management experience, she has a proven track record of successfully building strong teams and exceeding performance expectations with an entrepreneurial ‘get things done’ attitude.

When not in the office she is most likely to be found planning holidays in far flung places!

Daniel Harrison-PinderBusiness Development Manager

Daniel is responsible for the day-to-day management of partner relationships and for new business development across our lead trading activities. With more than 10 years account management experience in the Insurance Industry, he brings to the team a proven track record of success and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Dan believes that success lies in caring about the quality of service that we provide to our partners and working closely with them to meet their new business needs, so as to build lasting and profitable relationships.

05Contact Us

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We would be delighted to hear from you and how we might work together on your telephone lead trading requirements and new business activity.

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